Youngsters stitch in colour!

What a fantastic week I spent with the Year 4 students at St Lawrence School in Sussex! Their topic of the Rainforest was a perfect subject to interpret in fabric and stitch. And it was brilliant to meet so many enthusiastic 8 and 9 year olds bursting with ideas to illustrate their knowledge of the flora and fauna of the rainforest. Some children were printing leaves onto fabric… and others were using the artist Henri Rousseau and photos taken by one of the children, Bea, on her visit to Kew Gardens to inspire their drawings…

The drawings were photographed and printed onto fabric, quilted and stitched. Other students painted directly onto fabric or stitched flowers from fabric – a skill they were keen to learn…

Making scary animals in 3D worked brilliantly, as did the sad story of Jungle Dave and the foot eating croc! And every student had a go at stitching with a sewing machine – and loved the discussions about how the machine worked and how fast it would go!

Not forgetting the one minute stitched portrait of their teacher…


And after all their fantastic work I bought everything back to the Isle of Wight to stitch it all together – a beautiful, colourful, exciting textile interpretation of the Rainforest. Well done Year 4 – you were a pleasure to work with x


2 thoughts on “Youngsters stitch in colour!

  1. This is brilliant Mandy – I enjoyed the explanation as to how it was created. Judging by the finished piece the children must have loved it and what a super picture of their teacher!! xx

  2. Should have said – well done Year 4 at St Lawrence School in Sussex – you should be proud of yourselves.

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