Virginia Woolf inspired stitch

With the sun shining again today I was reminded of one of my favourite pieces of stitched work from last year, inspired by one of Jo West’s photos from the area of the River Ouse in Sussex, close to Virginia Woolf’s country home Monks House and where she ended her life. The image contains two quotes – one from ‘To the Lighthouse’ and the other a thought provoking quote from the film ‘The Hours’ which follows the lives of 3 women interconnected by Virginia Woolf’s book ‘Mrs Dalloway’.

“I remember one morning…
getting up at dawn…
there was such a sense of possibility!
You know? That feeling?
And… and I remember thinking to myself:
‘So this is the beginning of happiness…’
‘This is where it starts!’
‘And, of course, there’ll always be more.’
Never occurred to me
it wasn’t the beginning,
It was happiness.
It was the moment…”

Enjoy the moment.



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