The completed textile hanging


Here is the Hurst textile hanging tied with ribbon ready for the unveiling – and the finished article! The art department was filled with visitors on Wednesday evening enjoying drinks and canapés, looking at the textile hanging and admiring the fabulous art exhibitions by the art scholars and the IB students.

The base of the hanging is a collage composed of images from the beautifully planted quads at Hurst. A mix of student photographs printed onto fabric together with painted and stitched fabric appliqué symbolises the strong roots of the school and remind us of its rural setting.

The next section of the hanging is created using photographs and oil pastel rubbings of the traditional Flint walls of the college which have been stitched in relief using quilting techniques.

…and more details to follow…



1 thought on “The completed textile hanging

  1. The Hurst Textile Hanging is a real achievement. The young people have responded so well to your leadership. I love it. What an inspiration to those young people. Well Done!

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