A celebratory stitched triptych!

What a fabulous project! In January I was invited to work with the art and photography students at Hurstpierpoint College in West Sussex to create a textile wall hanging to celebrate the 20th anniversary of girls at the school. Drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and text were stitched together to form a massive 2 metre square triptych, to be unveiled at the school on Wednesday 2nd March.

During their art lessons and after school study time the students enthusiastically creatively responded to the traditions of the school whilst expanding their textile and stitch skills, incorporating a wide range of media. Many of the students had not used a sewing machine before but within minutes were excited by the expressive marks that can be created using free machine embroidery. Over the weekend parents, students and teachers joined us for a great Hurst sew-in and a good time was had by all!

I brought the part made hanging back to my studio on the Isle of Wight to bring all the work together.

Here are some glimpses of the work…more photos of the completed work in situ next week…


1 thought on “A celebratory stitched triptych!

  1. This work is amazing – you certainly know how to enthuse your students, well done – I look forward to seeing the rest!! xx

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