History in Stitch

The QuayCrafts group have been commissioned by the Isle of Wight Heritage Service to create a piece of art to celebrate the centenary of World War 1 and the role played by the Isle of Wight Rifles Battalion. Using the memorabilia housed at Carisbrooke Castle Museum, we decided to create an artists book, using a variety of media, to illustrate the event. This, together with the workshop notes that we wrote will be used by Isle of Wight schools and other groups to inspire their creative responses

My pages used images and stitch to create a storyboard timeline to show how the Rifles trained and travelled to Gallopoli to fight the Turkish armies. I have also illustrated the Rifles uniform, inspired by the wealth of artefacts that can be found at the museum.

What a great opportunity to research our history and provide some much needed resources to support our hard working teachers


2 thoughts on “History in Stitch

  1. Oh, it looksgood Manda, I wish I could see it up close. I feel another visit to the island is a must again perhaps later in the year. All your group do lovely work.

  2. Should also have said what a great teaching/learning resource you are all providing for the children on the island and visitors.

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