QuayCrafts group show at Brading Roman Villa

Working alongside other artists collaboratively is a great way to stretch you creatively. As part of the QuayCrafts group I have the opportunity to work with a ceramicist, printmakers, a felt maker, glass artist and other textile artists. We aim to set ourselves one major project a year and our visit to the Damerham Archaeological dig last summer has culminated in a wide range of outcomes. The gallery at Brading Roman Villa is a great setting to exhibit this work – open until 12th October.

My stitched work incorporates some of the sketches and photos made on site, found materials, fabric and machine stitch. The images are inspired by the texture, colours and patterns of the dig, and echo the multiple narratives that are being written by  archaeologists and geophysicists. I suppose the aspect that will stay with me is that YOU CAN ONLY DIG ONCE – digging a trench and lifting a piece of history out of the ground – that’s it – gone. No wonder they work so hard to log every piece of information.

The exhibition will be at Kingston University, Surrey, in March 2015

The QuayCrafts group are working on the next project already – an amazing opportunity to work with one of the major historic houses in the country – watch this space!


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